[noo-trish-uhn,   –noun   the act or process of nourishing or of being nourished.


Food is not the only thing that nourishes us.Food is not the only thing that nourishes us. We look at Nutrition in a holistic sense bringing harmony, balance and consciousness to our physical body, our emotions & our mind.

  • Nutrition Coaching
    Nutrition Coaching offers permanent and individualized solutions to your nutrition and lifestyle challenges. In these sessions, we identify your objectives; plan the changes that you want to make, providing support and guidance that helps you achieve your goals, enjoy a life you love and feel your best.
  • Personal Transformation Challenge
    A 4 Class series focusing on exploring areas of our lives making real changes that empower us to live our highest purposes.
    • Healthy Revolution Classes
      A 10 week series of nutrition and lifestyle classes
    • Raw Food Prep Classes
      Classes that teach how to easily prepare healthy meals and snacks using raw foods.